Wedding Cookie Table Checklist

Getting the Cookie Table ready is always very exciting!  We take it serious here in the Pittsburgh area.  After doing over 15 tables, we found the following checklist to be very helpful.  Let us know if you have any further tips!  Check here for WCT checklist!
Step 1:  Tables and Linens
      • Choose your linens carefully so that the cookie plates don’t slip easily AND so crumbs don’t show! If you choose not to use linens, you can find fun interesting looking tables that highlight the cookie plates and cookies.   Linens can be the same or different colors and shapes from the rest of the reception adding a unique look to the display.
Step 2:  Platters and Dishes
      • DO use a variety of styles, colors, materials, textures, heights and widths to display the cookies. Check with the bride and groom on any special requests, as they may want the style to match their wedding theme. Place the name of the baker under the platter so that if the bakers offer their own platters or dishes, the baker will get their dishes back.
Step 3:  Baker ID
      • Bakers love to bake for the wedding. Please make sure to recognize the bakers with fun nametags for each baker and the name(s) of their cookie(s). This will be sure to get conversations going as others will want to ask the baker about the cookies or tell them how wonder the cookies tasted!
Step 4:  To-Go Boxes for the Bride and Groom
      • Be sure to have one large assorted box of cookies for the bride and groom. This is most likely put aside before the table is assembled, to make sure they get the best variety!
Step 5: Variety
      • Guests love a variety of cookies. So choose a variety of bakers and cookies and use as many friends and family that would like to participate.
      • The average # of cookies is 5-10 per wedding guest, but most people have well over that amount!
 Step 6:  Covers for cookie table
      • Do use a cover to deter people from coming up to the Cookie Table and digging in early. A lot of work went into this display.
      • Open up the cookie table once the cake is served, so that people can fully enjoy the display before it is disrupted!
      • Use a sheer cover over the cookies, this way everyone can see the cookies!
Step 7: Lighting
      • Candles or strands of soft lights elegant woven into the display will enhance the joy and mystery of the cookie table. This adds to the beauty of the table, especially when the sheer cover is laid over the top!
Step 8:  Cookie Table Team
      • Decide if the staff at the venue will assemble the table, or if someone else will. Usually, the staff does this, but the MOB will need to be clear about how she envisions it to look.
 Step 9:  Floral Arrangements
      • Not necessary, however, a few flowers and ribbons spread around the table can add more beauty

Step 10:  To Go Boxes for Guests

                         ■  Make sure the guests have a container to take some cookies home with them. What a treat for the next day! Boxes or plates are perfect!


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