My Nieces

PAZIA COOKIE TABLEMy sister has two daughters who I love dearly.  When they got engaged over the past few years,  they asked me immediately to bake for the Wedding Cookie Table!  “Of course!” was my answer.  My sister called to talk about all the people who wanted to bake and how she needed to create a list. She let me know all cookies are welcome and she needs about 6 dozen per kind of cookie.  After talking with my nieces, we decided on Macaroons for one wedding and Russian Tea balls for the other.  I had previously baked Chocolate Chip Cookies for my nephew so we wanted a different cookie and one where my niece had fond memories of us baking together. I traveled from Colorado to PA and started baking there so that the cookies were fresh!  I had so much fun baking with my brother and his kids and when the cookies came out of the oven, we had to taste test them!  As the wedding day unraveled – each of my nieces made sure to mention how wonder my cookies are and that they were so excited to have these wonderful cookies to remind them how much they were loved!

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