DIY Cookie Table Designs

Jeannie is a DIY expert – she loves it and blogs about it!  Jeannie wrote about the Cookie Table on her blog Create & Babble.  Jeannie did an extraordinary job using a round table, serving bowls and trays.  While she was initially planning on using these bowls, trays, and jars for candy – she ended up using these for cookies!  Wow – an amazing image!


Sarah's Backyard BBQ Wedding Cookie Table

Sarah is an amazing blogger from Snixy Kitchen where she planned her DIY Backyard BBQ Wedding and had an amazing Cookie Table!   Sarah writes it best:  “Speaking of incredible women, that cookie table you see is not any ordinary cookie table – it holds the time-tested and well-loved recipes of my aunts, cousins, nana, and family friends. The women in my life can bake a mean cookie. The cookie table was my favorite part because it showcased the family recipes of the women I love – the perfect personal touch. My namesake Sarah arranged the cookie table decor using some vintage platters and pieces from her kitchen and my mom’s.”  Congrats Sarah!  The cookie table is gorgeous!





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