What’s a wedding cookie table?

Before I decided to be a part of this Wedding Cookie Table journey, I had one experience with this tradition. I wasn’t necessarily a baker, but I consider myself to be one of the lucky “cookie eaters” at the wedding. My friend Morgan, whom I had grown up with, was getting married to a man, Jesse, from Youngstown, Ohio. Of course, he had never heard of Boulder, Colorado before meeting Morgan in Dallas, nor had we heard of Youngstown. We had also never heard about the wedding cookie tradition.
His mother insisted on a wedding cookie table, but Morgan had other thoughts. She really wanted a cupcake table. Every few days she would send me pins on Pinterest of cupcake arrangements, recipes, and tables. This was an issue with Jesse’s mother because the cookie table tradition ran in their family. Jesse’s family considered the cookie table to really be a necessity at the wedding. After a bit of bickering, Morgan finally decided to give the cookie table a try.
When the wedding had arrived last June, I was amazed. The cookie table looked better than any photo I had seen on Pinterest. The plating was beautiful and the variety of cookies was astonishing. The cookie table, like a wedding cake, was the center of the reception. No one was able to take their eyes off of it! Once we were able to dig in, never had I seen so much chatter and smiles over a large table of cookies. For good reason, considering they were all so delicious. My favorite were the Lady Locks which I had never had before.
I consider this wedding to be most memorable because while I got to see a friend marry the love of her life, I was also able to experience a tradition that is a MUST-HAVE in some families. While Morgan was set on her cupcake table, I think she was thoroughly satisfied with the cookie table and the memories it made with her new family.

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